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What can make your visit even better?

We've been up for a few days now and we've already had quite a few visitors and a handful of new members, so let me first say: welcome to the new members and thanks for sticking around! I'll do my best to make it worth your while!

That said, I do realize building up a forum and a community takes time. I will be posting some interesting questions or topics I come across, but do feel free to participate: are there any features that don't make sense, are you trying to wrap your head around U-turn NAT, or why is there a need for untrust-untrust NAT rules, what does application-default do or any issue you might be having that you'd like a second or third pair of eyes on. feel free to post your question in the forum and I, or any of the other members that might know the answer will chime in

If you have any other things you'd like to see, feel free to post those in the suggestion forum and I'll see what I can do

thanks for helping me build a great community and center of knowledge

- reaper

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