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August 7 (or September 9 on Amazon) I'm actually launching a book!

I've been thinking about writing a book for many years but never really got beyond the "getting started" series of articles I wrote a few years ago. (Reluctantly) leaving Palo Alto at the end of 2019 gave me the opportunity I needed to start writing and now, eight months later, the time has come for my publisher to scrape everything together and make everything I wrote down into an actual book.

I've tried to cover all topics needed to configure and troubleshoot a firewall (cluster) and panorama setup, sprinkled with lots of "years of experience", gotchas, caveats and tricks. Hopefully you guys find it useful.

You can check out the outline here:

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For anyone interested in how I went from just thinking about, maybe, one day, writing a book to actually realising that dream; I had an interview with Packt about my journey: https://authors.packtpub.

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